Who are WCV?
WCV is a Weymouth, Dorset based registered charity who support and enable disadvantaged people to become active members of their local community. We achieve this through improving access to opportunities in Volunteering, Education and by offering Training that improves Employment prospects.
Our Vision
Our vision is to create a community where disadvantaged people are valued, included and have the opportunity to achieve a good quality of life and well being. To break down barriers and raise awareness of difficulties faced and overcome by people very often furthest removed from the labour market.
Supported Employment
If you have been out of the workplace or not been able to work before, we understand how hard it can be to even imagine that you can get a job and keep it. There are also ways to work and keep some or all of your benefits. You CAN reach your goal!
We can support you to access any training you feel you may need. We offer computer training on a one to one basis that enables you to progress at your own pace. We also have strong links with the local college to help you take the first step.
We arrange placements that are local and try to match your interests with the opportunities we have available. We also attend many local community events where volunteers are required in a variety of areas. Make friends,have fun, and get the feel good factor!